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The Urban Techy: An Internet Entanglement

There is a little "urban techy" in all of us, and believe it or not technology is our catalyst for progression.  Whether you work from home, eat from home or sleep from home just know technology is constantly around us.  Anyone who carries a phone, manages an ecommerce site, reads ebooks, uses digital platforms, runs digital marketing campaigns, develop code, uses social media, creates video games, hosts a pod cast or live stream, surfs the web, orders food online, shops online, adjusts there smart thermostat, reads digital news feeds, streams music, watches youtube videos, google searches for restaurants, pays bills online, sends friends money, buys online concert tickets, watches online movies, uses teleconferencing technology, books online travel arrangements, uses virtual assistance, connected in the web of internet of things, sends texts, uses emojis, sends virtual chat, does video editing, online trading, online organization tools, uses business integration tools, runs FB Ads, trades blockchain assets.... Shall I continue?  This is an experiment so before I really kickoff this series of trial and error please remember the first of accepting your inner Urban Techy is too realize this isn't just lifestyle - issa a thing!
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