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The Urban Techy 96 -97 Hip Hop Classics

The Urban Techy 96 -97 Hip Hop Classics

The Urban Techy 96 -97 Hip Hop Classics

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In honor of great hip hop bodies of work for the 1996-97 season. This hoodie captures epic moments in music history from Makaveli aka Tupac , Outkast, DMX, Scareface, Jay Z and The Notorious B.I.G.  The clean yet rugged look captures the essence of that period.  Music will change but the pioneers who spark the change will always be remembered. IYKYK.


Took the Halloween Party 2020 to the next level of clean!

555 Mass Crew

I really like it. I can't wait fun the pink squeeze n go!

Super Unicorn

Love the shirt I've worn it for times already

B. Hudson

Really cool. I thought it was a watch at first. Comes in handy

DC Coffee Shop Guy

I Squeeze N Go with Vino!

DC to Miami

I got the shirt and mug combo. I guess I fee "techy" It's different

Zubeyda T.

I have a new "don't leave home without it" LOL - so convenient! And pretty swaggy!

All Eyes on Whit

Ok - I was not ready for this pic. But I love this thing. Even have it in clear so I can see the liquid inside!

Nancy G - Founder of Baldona

It just looks so cool! Thanks for bringing this to the market!

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