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The Urban Techy Experiment 2

Who is The Urban Techy?  It is actually a mentor of mine.  We were having a casual conversation back when he was a little more accessible – and I simply said “Yo – you’re “The Urban Techy”.  LOL so I guess I did create the concept by the inspiration behind the theory is the reason for the concept.

Well anyway I just wanted to get that out in the air.  So, I’m more like the apprentice “The Urban Techy 001”

I never really thought about it like that but yeah that’s me – I’m just the messenger a vessel but it’s definitely bigger than me. 

The inspiration was more like a friendly “just do it” bet.  So I won’t reveal whether the “original UT” is a Mr. or Mrs.  Just know say gave up the dough so you could get involved in some dope give aways!

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